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Thomas-Mellema Law is a business-focused law firm located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our goal is to assist Michigan organizations with business and legal needs. 

 With over 20 years representing some of the largest companies in Michigan, Amy Thomas-Mellema has an in-depth understanding of business and how legal issues have a direct impact on the organization. Amy provides client-focused counsel, understanding what is important to you and your business, and how to best navigate through the legal issues effecting it. She will work to help you achieve your organizational goals. We specialize in:

Information Technology, Licensing

Intellectual Property, Trademark Search, Trademark Registration

Privacy and Security

Health Law

General Business Law Contracts

About Amy



Her experience both an in-house counsel and in private practice has given her a wealth of experience that she will bring to your organization. From health care law and regulations to privacy issues, intellectual property to software licenses, contracts, she has the proven track record to explain the law, but work with you to develop the best solutions for your business.

She has extensive experience with health law, software licensing, marketing, intellectual property, U.S. Customs, transportation, distribution, merchandising, and treasury operations. She has advised clients on consumer protection laws, misleading advertising and packaging issues. She also has conducted training seminars regarding legal issues such as Intellectual Property, Buying Agents/Customs issues, regulatory compliance and HIPAA.

Amy’s goal is to develop relationships based on trust and mutual respect. She will work hard to understand your business needs, become part of your team, helping you identify issues before they become problems while building and encouraging open communication and interaction. Her goal is to help your company reach its goals.